Tire geometry inline inspection in TU machines

The system TGI 8302.LLT uses three profile sensors which reliable detect bulges and constrictions as well as radial and axial unbalance. The sensors are integrated in a robust mechanics and applied in such a way that the total surface of the tire can be detected within one rotation. Thereby, the tester visualises the tire surface, hides the tire lettering, enables filtering of data, performs a vibration check, inspects the tire size and classifies the degree of a defect.

Special features:

  • Resolution: 640 points per profile, 2,000 profile/s
  • Reproducibility 40µm (3-sigma)
  • Cycle time: 1s/60 R/min

Layout fehlt: x-block-left-kontakt-coreLayout fehlt: x-block-left-kontakt-core

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