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The new colorSENSOR CFO100 stands out due to maximum color accuracy, intuitive operation and high speed combined with compact design. Up to 256 colors can be taught in. At the beginning of the measurement task, illumination, averaging and signal amplification are automatically adapted once to the current measurement situation. This sensor is designed for high precision color recognition in industrial applications.

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Horst Bathke, Sales Manager


Color accuracy takes on a new dimension

With its colorSENSOR CFO100, Micro-Epsilon introduces a new generation of color sensors. Highest color accuracy and gray-scale detection are combined with modern interfaces such as Ethernet and user-friendly operation. These compact high precision color sensors can be used even in restricted installation space.



Precise measurement of ultra-fine surface structures

The confocal chromatic confocalDT IFS2405-0,3 and IFS2407/90-0,3 sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure the finest of surface structures to the highest precision. Due to their ultra-small measurement spot size, they are ideally suited to measurement tasks that require maximum precision. Combined with high sensitivity, a large tilt angle and a large offset distance open up numerous fields of application, particularly in the automotive industry.



NEW - Optical precision micrometer for restricted spaces

The optoCONTROL 2520-46(090) extends the product range of optical precision micrometers. As the receiver is able to rotate by 90°, the micrometer is ideal for installations with limited space. Furthermore, it is classified as laser class 1M and includes an integrated controller. Configuration is via a user-friendly web interface.



Quality control in chocolate production

Laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon provide a high speed, high precision, time-saving inline solution and are used in many different applications, including the quality control of chocolate bars. High speed scanCONTROL 2960-100 laser scanners detect each profile of the finished chocolate bars, calibrate the measured vales to pre-defined reference values and transmit ‘OK/NOK’ signals directly to the processing line.



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