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Our focus in this newsletter lies on the worldwide fastest, confocal chromatic controller with integrated light source. Furthermore, we present you the innovative, robot-based reflectCONTROL Automation measurement technology which is used for the inspection of shiny surfaces.

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Horst Bathke, Sales Manager


Worldwide fastest confocal chromatic controller

Confocal chromatic sensors measure precise distance and thickness. With the confocalDT 2471 HS high speed controller, Micro-Epsilon presents a world first. Operating with a measuring rate of 70kHz, the new model is the worldwide fastest controller with integrated light source used for the highly reflective and shiny surfaces. The controller demonstrates its strengths particularly with fast measurement and monitoring tasks, e.g. in the glass production and electronics assembly.



Innovative inspection systems

Micro-Epsilon presents numerous innovations e.g. an innovative inspection system for defect detection, highly precise profile scanners with blue laser line and one of the most modern inline colour measurement systems in the world.



capaNCDT 6222 with four-fold measurement speed

Displacement, distance and position can be determined up to four times faster with the new capaNCDT 6222 capacitive controller. The controller is designed for measurements up to 20kHz and is therefore considered the fastest capacitive controller currently available in the Micro-Epsilon range. The module multi-channel measurement system demonstrates its strengths particularly with high precision applications in laboratories and the industries.



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