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  • NEW: Laser scanner software now also enables gap measurements
  • Compact and precise True Color sensors
  • Sensor solutions for the wind industry
  • Measuring the bearing gap in wind turbines
  • New: Confocal, compact sensor with high precision for OEM applications
  • Monitoring the clamping position in machine tools
  • Determination of the Disc Thickness Variation
  • Determining the thermal extension under extreme conditions
  • Capacitive high speed measurements at maximum precision
  • Measuring the zinc strip color in the production line
  • Firmware update for confocal IFC242x controllers
  • High precision measurements on metals and rough surfaces
  • Quality control in tire production
  • Measuring the height of pressed-in pins (Through Hole Technology)
  • New firmware for optoNCDT 1750 laser triangulation sensors
  • Product highlights 2018
  • High-tech solutions for high precision 3D surface inspection
  • Maximum color accuracy with the CFO100 and CFO200 True Color Recognition Sensors
  • Color accuracy takes on a new dimension
  • Precise measurement of ultra-fine surface structures
  • NEW - Optical precision micrometer for restricted spaces
  • Quality control in chocolate production
  • Microscope lens for ultra-small targets
  • Powerful laser sensors with even more flexibility
  • Capacitive thread sensors for demanding installation scenarios
  • Precise alignment of the cathodes at the electron accelerator
  • Efficient sensors for industrial high volume applications
  • Laser triangulation sensor sets new performance standards
  • New draw-wire sensor with 8 times longer service life
  • High precision multipoint thickness measurements using confocal chromatic sensors
  • Precise distance and thickness measurement in restricted spaces
  • Miniature draw-wire sensors for economic serial applications
  • Control of the milling head in a mobile CNC milling unit
  • Inductive sensors based on eddy currents with new design
  • New LabVIEW instrument driver 3.0 for scanCONTROL sensors
  • Modern temperature monitoring in the metals industry
  • Inspecting the embossment depth of serial numbers
  • New laser sensor with innovative features
  • Precise thickness measurement in the plastics industry
  • Universal thickness measurement with additional measuring ranges
  • Color measurement of liquid paint
  • Non-contact thickness measurement of brake discs
  • New magneto-inductive displacement sensors
  • Inline burr measurement on sheet edges
  • New Blue Laser displacement sensor offers maximum precision
  • Cool and safe - protective housings for infrared cameras
  • Thousands of Micro-Epsilon sensors for the world’s largest mirror telescope
  • Innovative Blue Laser Technology with Patent
  • One of a kind: compact laser sensor with 500mm measuring range
  • New: thermoIMAGER TIM with VGA resolution
  • One-sided thickness measurement of container glass
  • Quality monitoring in container glass production
  • State-of-the-art: fully-radiometric flight thermography
  • New C-Box/2A: conversion and evaluation of digital sensor signals
  • New: Confocal dual-channel system for precision thickness measurement
  • Compact and dynamic: the new, capacitive measurement system
  • New 3D software for laser profile scanners
  • Web-edge detection using laser profile sensors
  • optoNCDT 1420 now also available with laser class 1
  • Quality control of medical tablet stamps and dies
  • Laser-optical thickness measurement
  • Laser sensors with even more flexibility
  • 40 years of high precision measurement technology in Bavaria
  • Worldwide fastest confocal chromatic controller
  • Innovative inspection systems
  • capaNCDT 6222 with four-fold measurement speed
  • Red Dot Design Award 2016 for optoNCDT 1320/1420
  • Hannover Messe 2016
  • Control in Stuttgart 2016
  • Sensor + Test 2016
  • Temperature measurement of thin film
  • Non-contact inline colour measurement
  • New draw-wire sensor: low cost and even more flexible
  • scanCONTROL software package 8.1
  • Economical series testing of vehicle lights
  • New product: laser profile scanner with highest resolution
  • Influence on measurement results due to temperature fluctuations
  • mainSENSOR: dual benefit
  • Versatile mainSENSOR
  • World first: compact and precise laser sensors
  • Innovative, smart, compact
  • scanCONTROL - now even smarter
  • Inspection of airbag stitching position
  • induSENSOR all-rounder
  • Colour measurement even on curved surfaces
  • Unmatched accuracy using capacitive sensors
  • Precise measurement of potato slices
  • Unfiltered truth
  • mainSENSOR is unique
  • Low cost draw-wire sensors
  • optoCONTROL measurements as clear as glass
  • Fast - Smart - Durable
  • TIM: New catalogue for compact thermal imaging cameras
  • Turbo measurements using turboSPEED
  • Oil gap monitoring in hydrostatic bearings
  • Laser triangulation for high speed tasks
  • surfaceCONTROL: new analysis software
  • Precise, more precise, confocal
  • Inline colour measurement automates plastics production
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Small measurement spot for curved surfaces
  • Complex gap evaluation
  • Measurement of temperature/time in welding processes
  • Small, smart, economic
  • High speed laser sensors with analogue output
  • Sensor for high-performance spindles
  • Temperature measurements at high speed
  • Johann Salzberger goes into retirement
  • Thermography as clear as glass
  • Capacitive. Cost effective. Compact.
  • Colour sensors for kitchen fronts
  • Blue, fast, versatile
  • A piece of Sweden
  • capaNCDT: New catalogue now online
  • Metrology in the desert

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